Flat-bed Double Chain Stitch 33 Needles Sewing Machine - Brand: Britex, Model: BR-1433P

Multi-needle Industrial Sewing machine

Flat-bed Double Chain Stitch 33 Needles Sewing Machine - Brand: Britex, Model: BR-1433P

Product code : BR-1433P

Brand : Britex

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Flat-bed Double Chain Stitch 33 Needles  Sewing Machine - Brand: Britex, Model: BR-1433P
- Needle: 33 needles.
- Rear Puller.
- Upper thread is normal thread, middle thread is elastic thread, lower thread is normal thread.
- Complete automatic supply system and oil-filter device, ensure the max sewing speed to be 2000r.p.m.
- This machine adopt vertical movement of looper, suitable for basic sewing and decoration of high-grade garment.
- Engine: Connect out source Power by Clutch Motor / Server motor through Belt connection.
*** These series are a flatbed, 33 needles, double chainstitch machine. These series are multi-purpose machine for attaching elastic, attaching waistband, sewing the front of shirts, attaching line tapes, smocking and shirring etc... These series are applied for genenal sewing, underwear, sportswear, lady’s clothes, interior decorated goods (curtains, table-clothes etc...) of high grade garment.
*** Optional Subclass:
- MR: Machine with Ruffling Device
- WB: Machine for Attaching Waistbands
- PSF: Machine for shirt fronting
- PSM: Machine for smocking
- PSSM: Machine for simultaneous shirring and smocking
- ET: Looper thread elastic model
- PSET: Machine with shirring(Needle: Polyester Thread, Looper: Elastic Thread)
- PQ: Machine with shirring (Needle: Polyester Thread, Looper: Polyester Thread, Elastic Thread: threading on surface of needle plate.)
- PL: Machine for Attaching Line Tapes
*** Optional: MD-1: Metering Device.
*** Genuine Machine, 100% Brand New.
*** Mechanism Warranty time: 12months, applied for all mechanical mistake by Producer.